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  • Lisa shirt

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    Large size 3/4 sleeves blue and white printed shirt worn with matching skirt
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  • Lily blue and white print skirt

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    Blue and white printed maxi skirt with matching shirt
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    Shirt large size woman tie and dye blue profile
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Collection: Pre-orders

Plus Size Fashion Pre-Order Collection - Les Militantes

Welcome to our ready-to-wear "Pre-order" collection at Les Militantes, your favorite destination for high-end plus-size fashion. In this section, you'll discover a unique shopping experience, giving you access to our modern, comfortable creations even before they're officially launched. Dive into the world of pre-ordering and explore the advantages of this innovative shopping method to acquire original pieces for all women, at special prices.

The Avant-Garde of Plus Size Fashion

At Les Militantes, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the trends in plus-size fashion. Our "Pre-Order" collection is the embodiment of this philosophy. It offers you the chance to be part of the fashion avant-garde by discovering our latest creations before anyone else. Skirts, blouses, dresses, coats... Each piece is different and made in a limited edition. Do you like prints, or prefer plain patterns? Every week, discover our latest creations to match your tastes and desires. Clothes to show off your style and femininity for every occasion, with cuts to suit every body type.

Why opt for pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering is much more than simply anticipating your purchases. It's an experience that allows you to :

1. Be at the Forefront of Fashion: By opting for pre-ordering, you have exclusive access to the latest pieces in our plus-size fashion collection. You don't follow trends, you create them with original clothes.

2. Customize your wardrobe: You can personalize your choice. Choose the size, the color, and the models that match your unique style. Every week, discover something new in large sizes, adapted to your body type. 

3. Wear pants adapted to your morphology: For pre-orders, we offer our pants in 2 sizes. Wide hips or not, you'll find the comfortable pants that suit you. Please note that the Oréade morphology (wide hips) is only available for pre-orders.

4. Support sustainability: Pre-ordering reduces the waste of unsold products, which is good for the environment. You become a player in sustainable fashion. Say goodbye to mountains of jeans, sweaters, coats and dresses sent to Africa without ever having been worn.

5. Benefit from Exclusive Offers: As a pre-orderer, you can take advantage of special offers and unique discounts reserved for our most committed customers. Treat yourself and bring the velvet blazer or blouse of your dreams into your dressing room.

How does pre-ordering work?

Pre-ordering is simple and transparent at Les Militantes :

1. Select Your Model: Browse our "Pre-order" collection and choose the items that appeal to you.

2. Customize Your Order: Choose size, color and personalization options, if applicable.

3. Reserve Your Item: Proceed to payment to reserve your items. 

4. Receive your order: Once our creations are ready, we ship them directly to your home. You'll be one of the first to receive them.

5. Take advantage of Exclusivity: proudly display your unique pieces, even before they are available to the general public.

Committed and Responsible Fashion

At Les Militantes, we make it a point of honor to offer high-quality clothing, made in France, and to support fashion that respects the environment. Pre-ordering is perfectly in line with this vision.

By pre-ordering our clothes, you are contributing to our commitment to sustainability. We produce only what is necessary, reducing waste. What's more, our creations are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing their longevity.

Stay Connected

To keep up to date with our latest news and special offers, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social networks. You won't want to miss a thing from the world of plus-size fashion at Les Militantes.

Pre-ordering is waiting for you

Don't miss your chance to be part of the vanguard of plus-size fashion. Discover our pre-order creations and customize your wardrobe to perfectly reflect your unique style. Whether you like bohemian chic or more classic looks, rock or working girl, boots, sneakers or pumps, you'll find the pieces you like and wear them as a preview, with sneakers or heels, a jacket or a cardigan. Plus-size clothing lovingly designed and created for you, to stay chic and elegant for every occasion.

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