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  • Lily Long black skirt

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    Long black skirt large size face 2
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  • Mathilde skirt

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    Les Militantes - Mathilde skirt khaki rose nude large size, chic, trendy and quality made in France
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  • Lily blue and white print skirt

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    Blue and white printed maxi skirt with matching shirt
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  • Lily skirt in autumn colors

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    modern women's maxi skirt face 1
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Collection: Large skirts

Discover our modern, feminine plus-size skirts

Welcome to the light, refined world of plus-size skirts Les Militantes, where French chic meets freedom of movement for an exceptional wardrobe. Our skirt collection embodies attention to detail, impeccable cuts and high-quality materials, while proudly displaying the words "made in France." Each of our plain or printed skirts tells a unique story, ready to accompany you on a journey of incomparable style.

Exceptional cuts 

At Les Militantes, we focus on fit to create elegant, flowing and durable plus-size skirts. Each model is designed to flatter your figure and suit all body types. All with total freedom of movement. Our skirts are a perfect harmony of elegance and comfort, allowing you to feel confident whether you're in town, at work or anywhere else. Whether long and flared or straight and slit, discreetly revealing the knee, each model is designed to accommodate your curves.
All our plus-size skirts are elasticated at the back and zipped at the side for ultimate comfort, whatever your position.

Exceptional materials 

The quality of our fabrics is at the heart of our concerns to offer you plus-size skirts that are soft to the touch, breathable and resistant. The materials we select reflect our quest for elegance and quality. Crepe or viscose satin are often our materials of choice. Every skirt you wear embodies luxury, without ever sacrificing comfort. Prints are bright and feminine, like leopard, and plains are deep. Whether in viscose or cotton, our plus-size skirts are timeless.

Made in France" in action 

We are proud to produce our plus-size skirts in France, a guarantee of know-how and ethical tailoring. Made in France" is our way of contributing to the local economy, while offering you products of unrivalled quality. By choosing Les Militantes, you are adopting a style that celebrates French elegance, and you are helping to maintain the textile industry in France. In fact, we have been awarded the "Fabriqué à Paris" label by a panel of experts, after submitting our application.

Style for every occasion

Wondering how to wear our skirts?
Whether you mix your plus-size skirt with a sweater, shirt or tee-shirt, a new look emerges. Sometimes chic with opaque tights, pumps or heeled boots and a blazer, sometimes rock with a big belt, biker boots and a leather jacket, sometimes bohemian with a blouse or blouse, sometimes casual with a tee-shirt, sneakers or sandals in summer. Brighten up a plain skirt with a striped or checked shirt. Have fun with style and elegance. Thanks to their elasticated waistbands, you can tuck your sweaters or t-shirts inside without feeling cramped. Each pairing is a novelty, sometimes classic, sometimes with a touch of whimsy, but you'll always get a neat, effective look. 

Les Militantes skirts embody our commitment to quality, style and "made in France", for all body types and all occasions. Add a Les Militantes plus size skirt to your wardrobe and feel confident and beautiful. Explore our collection to discover pieces that let you express yourself, move lightly and shine on any occasion. 

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