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Made in France clothing? No, better: Made in Paris

What does "Made in France" mean?

Made in France" seems to be much more than just a statement on a label. It brings to mind heritage, craftsmanship and a philosophy of quality, authenticity and innovation in the fashion industry. And if a "Made in France" label is affixed to a garment, it suggests ethical workshops, serious and professional craftsmen, and an economic fabric safeguarded in France. 

So, choosing a skirt, pants, dress, blouse, etc. labelled Made in France, allows buyers to think that they are participating in a better world and that they are buying quality.
And yet...

Made in France clothing that isn't...

The law, authorizing the mention of Made in France on products, is extremely vague. Indeed, the Direction générale des Entreprises (DGE) specifies that "to bear the words 'Fabriqué en France' (or Made in France), a manufactured product must :

  • derive a significant part of its value from one or more manufacturing stages located in France
  • to have undergone its latest substantial transformation in France."

And therein lies the rub. Some brands, having their garments manufactured far from France, repatriate the finished garments to French territory, and add their labels and/or the composition labels, on which it says "Made in France". And yes... they consider the "last substantial transformation" to be the addition of these labels.

So here you are, with clothes that are Made in France, but which aren't (or only a little).

I'm talking about it because I've seen it with my own eyes!

Prefer Labels 

As origin marking can be controversial, strict and demanding labels have been set up by organizations, verifying the veracity of the information provided. These labels assure you of the place of production and quality of Made in France garments.

That's why the Fabriqué à Paris label awarded to Les Militantes assures you of the origin of the collections I offer.

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Up until then, I'd been affixing my Made in France clothing labels without anyone checking (except me, my good faith and my ethics).
To obtain the Fabriqué à Paris label, I had to submit a complete file and have it checked by a jury of experts who asked me to prove that my collections were made in Paris.
And if I want to keep this label, I'll have to submit a file every year and have it validated again.

Other labels guarantee that the products you buy are made in France. For example, the "France Terre Textile" label or the "Origine France Garantie" label.

Why choose clothing with a label?

Garment manufacturing in France makes a significant contribution to the country's economy, creating local jobs, supporting small-scale craftsmen and stimulating innovation. It also promotes fair working conditions and encourages the preservation of traditional crafts. On condition that the vast majority of parts are produced in France.

A commitment to sustainability

Labelled brands pay particular attention to sustainability. By advocating environmentally-friendly production practices, favoring local suppliers and using high-quality materials, they are committed to reducing their ecological footprint.

And don't be fooled into thinking that the majority of clothing made in France is manufactured abroad.

Far be it from me to say that behind every Made in France garment lurks a usurpation of the appellation.
Many young brands are extremely invested in sustainable development and rightly mention Made in France.
It's not easy to know what labels are on offer, proving that this appellation is totally justified.

But the lack of information on this subject can lead to purchases that we think are responsible, when in fact they are not. And the prices we pay are in no way in line with the cost of the clothes we buy.

So, if Made in France is one of your priority purchasing criteria, the next time you fall for that blazer or coat you want to fit into your wardrobe, keep your eyes peeled. And if you can, check if the brand has been awarded a label.

Visit here our 'Made in France' collection with the 'Fabriqué à Paris' label


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